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@dannero & @kelladactyl create Tangled Worlds

@Dannero is one of the biggest German stars on TikTok. His pixel perfect VFX renders mixed with mind bending visuals and dance moves have earned him over 6 million fans. Oh, he’s also a magician, and author who writes about mind control and overcoming self doubt. This mix of passions seems to resonate with his TikTok audience. “You can let your creativity run free. It doesn't matter whether you want to make a comedy video with your dog, an elaborate VFX video or a simple dance video. Everything is possible here.”

@Dannero’s Mix Master teammate is Kelli Edrmann who goes by @Kelladactyl on instagram and @happykelli on TikTok. Edrmann is a professional dancer and choreographer, and an actress, who has even performed in Wicked on Broadway. Her recent success, however, has come through social media — specifically on TikTok. “We saw these videos as a way to bring positivity and light to people during a dark and isolating time. We wanted to create things that made someone’s day or made them laugh or smile. I really love fun colors, and I thought the brightness of these videos was a great way to do that. There is power in lifting people’s moods through being silly, positive and wholesome all at the same time.”

@Dannero and @Kelladactyl are teaming with a project that combines their two creative approaches. The project is called Tangled Worlds and combines Edrmann’s dancing with Dannero’s VFX. “We wanted to bring our passions together, my dancing with his VFX, so we created this two sided world with fun transitions that transition from my world to his underworld. Throughout the video you’ll see how the worlds start to collide.” explains Edrmann

@dannero This truly is a Masterpiece with @Kelli @Lenovo #Lenovojustbeyou #AMD ♬ Do What I Do - Lady Bri

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